Making the Transition to Retirement – The 3 Essential D’s

Transitioning to retirement can be a daunting task. And millions of people will retire over the next two decades. Retirement looks different for every person. Regardless, everyone facing retirement must ask “How will I live my life to the fullest for the next 20-30 years?”


Here are the 3 D’s to remember to confidently transition into the new chapter of your life:




Retirement is a time for leisure. But it is also a time for a fulfilling new chapter. Defining how you want your retirement to look is key to having a successful retirement. Some people retire with goals they want to reach and ambitions they want to fulfill. Others are ready to start settling down.


What do you want the next stage of life to look like?




Take time before you retire to understand what you want to do in the days ahead of you. Discovering what you are passionate about is key to transitioning to retirement smoothly. Most people wouldn’t dream of moving to a new location without having an idea of what they wanted to do there. The same can be said with retirement.


Nevertheless, people suddenly arrive at the stage of their life called “retirement,” a change considerably larger than change of geographic location, without any idea of what they want to do.




Now that you have a clearer understanding of what you want your retirement to look like, and what you want to do with your time, develop a plan! We are used to making plans and schedules around what we need to do – family and work obligations – but with the freedom and flexibility retirement gives you, it is easy to not know what to do with yourself. Passions and interests are not tangible actions and plans.


Having a plan, a goal, a clear definition (even if that is complete flexibility – that’s still a plan!), and a vision for retirement is a place to start.


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