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  • Assisted living services and suites

  • Private rehabilitation suites offering individually designed therapy programs and a wide range of skilled nursing services

Country Club Rehabilitation Campuses believe that our residents are the best judges of how they want to live.  It’s why we embrace the Person-Centered Care concept, a concept in which each resident is the primary focus of all decisions pertaining to their care.  Residents choose when to get up, when and what to eat, and what to do or not to do.  Country Club residents maintain control and dignity, enhancing their health and quality of living.


Delicious meals and nutrition are a vital part of the Country Club Rehabilitation experience. Our residents enjoy our Good Old Fashioned Home Cooking, which allows them to order tableside from an extensive menu.  Meals are then made to order from scratch by our personal chefs, using only the freshest, local ingredients.  It’s just like a restaurant-except you don’t need reservations!


Watch a DVD, surf the net, check your email.  It’s all possible at Country Club because we use technology to keep you connected with family and friends.  Touchtown Internet Resident Gateway accesses the internet through your television screen.  Residents can also email and keep up with activities and events taking place on our campuses.  We take advantage of the latest technologies, while our residents stay connected!


The essence of Sanctuary Home Health Care is to provide services that promote independence, safety, and family peace of mind.  Sanctuary’s approach to quality care for individuals encompasses four important words: Compassion, Respect, Integrity, and Satisfaction.  It is with these four words that our team provides services to individuals so they enjoy life in the comfort of their own home.  Our expert team of registered nurses, therapists, and home health aides are committed to providing dependable and compassionate services resulting in our patients’ maximum peace, comfort, and dignity at home.


Our Memory Care services celebrate the life of each individual so they can stay connected to others.  Our employees take great pride in forming unique relationships with our residents; and by understanding our residents’ stories and personal histories, our caring staff connects yesterday with today.


Even the most dedicated and loving caregivers can’t be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Our short or long-term Respite Care provides a well-deserved break and support to caregivers by bridging the gap in care. Whether the individual plans to stay short term or long term, they receive the same services that our residents receive including a spacious room, our Good Old-Fashioned Home Cooking, and our 24-hour on-site nursing staff. So plan a vacation or a business trip without worrying, Country Club is here for you, when you can’t be!